About Us

Bacchus Wine Auctions

The Dedicated Wine Auction House for Savvy Wine Lovers

Bacchus Wine Auctions was set up in 2016 by Chris Hambleton, who has a 20+ year career in the retail and wholesale wine trade, wine auctions, wine tasting events and WSET training. As an experienced collector of fine wines himself, he was tired of seeing unscrupulous practice by auction houses, high fees for buyers and sellers and generalists claiming to be specialists in wine. 

Our principles guide how we run Bacchus Wine Auctions:

  • Authenticity – we check all the wines we sell very carefully and refuse to sell any wine we suspect of being fake or out of condition
  • Truth – we will value your wine as accurately as possible – telling you the honest truth about it’s value, quality and condition
  • Personal Touch  – we are a family run business, but it’s more than a business to us… we really care about our customers. We often deal with the family of a deceased wine collector, or someone who has been sold wine investments which have turned out to be worth less than they paid. Our ethical service and personal consideration of your needs as our customers is second to none.
  • Expert – we don’t sell clocks, stamps or paintings, only wines and spirits. We know a lot about wines and spirits, so will offer you our full professional expertise and recommendations.

We operate as a boutique, specialist auction house supported by this amazing team of passionate professionals:

Chris Hambleton

Founder, Fine Wine Valuer, Auctioneer

Claire Collini

Associate Director

Gillian Davies

Logistics & Technology

Liz Bryder

Payments & General Enquiries

Tracey Bravo

Logistics & Marketing

Wendy Whitaker

Logistics & Accounts

Poppy & Ruby

Mostly Chasing Squirrels